Tori Mistick: Digital Ninja. Chocolate Dog Lover. Prototype Cuteness Double.

10632572_10152379504107409_1089965697697794775_nSitting down at possibly the most frigid coffee shop in the world, scraping ice chips from my toes, Tori Mistick warmed the air with a venerable smile and polite, “Hi there”.

In my usual awkward fashion, I started off our conversation with how she resembled a Hallmark movie character, and then uttered a confession of obsessively watching Hallmark movies during the holidays. I never know how to start these things…

“I should look into a career change then,” she said while laughing.

The prelude to her diverse background, Tori Mistick has been in every aspect of everything. From event planning to writing, her valuable experiences have translated into a budding digital empire.

Five years ago, Mistick left agency life behind for good, and launched Marketing with Style (MWS), a digital marketing firm that focuses on strategic planning and execution of social media campaigns. Long story short, she makes Facebook and Twitter sexy for small businesses.

“I love working with small businesses. With every one of my clients I can walk in and talk directly to the owner, and make decisions together,” said Mistick.

In today’s saturated digital media industry, it’s extremely difficult to show small businesses the value of social media, but as Mistick’s roster of clients grows, her keen sense of dedication and demand for tangible results provides a catalyst for a rock-solid business model that continues to evolve.

Mistick’s formula for success with MWS: Attainable goals, hands-on execution, and a heavy dose of good grammar. The Duquesne graduate makes it sound easy enough, but year after year, the market is flooded with droves of social media “experts” that, according to Mistick, “Don’t do anything for the money they’re being paid.”

40% of small business owners have had a negative experience with someone relating to social media marketing.

Mistick occasionally speaks at her alma mater about post-college job hunting. She stresses the need to be aggressive about finding work and not being afraid to walk down an entrepreneurial path.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Mistick is the director of The Shadyside Chamber of Commerce, organizing cultural or community events, and developing growth strategies for surrounding businesses. Outside of her duties with the chamber, she also runs a website called, “Wear. Wag. Repeat.”, a blog that talks about her fashion and DIY adventures, but also chronicles a mild obsession with her two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

Down to it all, and through it all, people do amazing things with their time, energy, and talents.

Mistick isn’t a celebrity or performer, but she does affect the lives of thousands of people every year. Her ability to simply follow through and keep her word is warming to the soul, and MWS’s clients reap the benefits of her pleasant toiling in the social media fields of chaos.

Mistick’s perceived flaw of “not being able to say no” expresses an innate ability to give above and beyond for people in need. She’s a virtuoso of eclectic energy, transferring seamlessly through the streets of Pittsburgh.

Tori Mistick is in fact, breaking the mold. Not because social media marketing is so out-of-the-box, but because doing it correctly most certainly is.

For more information on Tori’s projects and business, visit Her Blog, or Marketing with Style Website

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