‘See You’ is The Magnificent Disaster You Need to Watch [Video]

Director, Simon Barracchini

I recently came across a short film by fledgling director Simon Barracchini called “See You”, a haunting story about relationships and the deviously malignant nature of the human spirit. The start is gripping, and I thought for the first few minutes that the character was mourning the loss of a significant other, and assumed he was heading to a grave, but it turned to be a proverbial one, and not rooted in the reality of death, but the unfortunate finality of the death of an actual relationship.

“Prior to filming this narrative, I had gone through a very rough time emotionally in my personal life.  It was affecting not only my feelings, but also my day-to-day life as well.  A way I would sort things out were to go on long walks through the city and just think to myself, reflect on what I was going through.  After doing this for a few weeks it dawned on me that I should express what it was I was feeling through the best medium I knew, film.  So I got to writing the short script in about a day or two and asked some local acting friends if they would be willing to shoot for a single day at no cost.  Luckily for me, they were so gracious and happy to do it for me,” said Barracchini.

The musical accompaniment is powerfully melancholy, gifting a morose insight of the war-torn heart and ties that bind the misery of love together forever.

Betrayal, regret, and misaligned redemption are all accurately portrayed in this jaunting production. Michael Paradise, who serves as the main protagonist, walk us down an anxiety-ridden, incendiary tirade of sleepless nights, and unfounded truths. Ridden with cancerous reality, he spirals down an abyss of fear and loathing.

Jordan Streussnig plays the antagonist in this post apocalyptic love story, and paints an equally juxtaposed narrative of the wayward relationship, torn between a painful past and uncertain future, the truth rests in a glass menagerie of a relentless inferno. As one might expect, the story plays to a very real and present state of affairs for anyone who has gone through an intense relationship, and volatile breakup. If anything, it gleams relativity, but more so, it’s a thoughtful and poignant film that uses all the 7 minutes to accurately depict a very wide spectrum of emotional turmoil.

“What I hope audiences get from this film is what I was hoping to get from it and that is to relate to story and realize you are not alone in the personal battles you may face.  In all honesty, the film was never supposed to be public as I was making it just for myself to have and use almost as visual therapy, but after the actors had been so gracious with their talent and time I had to give it to them to display to friends and family.  However, I still did not wish to personally share the film.  It wasn’t until people began reacting to the film through social media and the many positive reactions/comments to it that I realized that I was being greedy and should share it because it could affect and help someone else besides myself,” said Barracchini.

As Barracchini continues to explore the labyrinth of the indie film business, we asked what his greatest challenges were at this point in his career.

“This question is a hard one to answer because at the independent level there are definitely many challenges we all face that a major motion picture may not, one being finances.  However, I would say the biggest challenge is time.  Everyone at this level has separate jobs, different schedules, and multiple commitments that trying to get everyone on the same page and available can be quite the task.  Also, from a producing and even editing side, trying to find the time outside of the work week to coordinate, meet, and work on projects can be a game of musical chairs and shuffling of schedules.”

Barracchini is working on two projects, a boxing short called “Sandman”, and a feature film that he is not at liberty to discuss details with at this moment, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop as more information becomes available.

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