PIPPIN is a Vaudeville Reprise of Magical Proportions

Pippin 3PIPPIN, a musical escapade that follows a young man’s journey to reach greatness, is passing through the steel city of culture for a limited time, combining high-flying acrobatics, dramatic flair, and a little raunchy humor.

As it did some 40 years ago, PIPPIN explores the depths of human interface, purpose, and pain, at the hands of the main protagonist, Pippin, son of Charlemagne, a.k.a King Charles. As the two struggle to find purpose in their relationship beyond the fanfare and wealth of royalty, Pippin seeks a life of purpose, one not to be achieved by the spoils of war and anarchy.

As Pippin searches for relevance, he encounters many difficult challenges, and makes decisions typical of a truly lost soul. At the lowest point of his existence, distraught and hopeless, he must make choices that will change the face of his history and move him toward a life of internal wealth and meaning.

Overall, the cast delivers a wildly entertaining performance, effortlessly merging a tumultuous mix of theatrical and Pippin 3acrobatic elements into a prodigious depiction of haunting redemption. Each note is executed with intent, crafting the storyline with flawless timing and execution.

Matching the vocal purity of each performance, were the cirque dynamics. They created the most magnificent disorientation of energy, thrusting me and the audience on a journey of whimsical darkness.

This is not one to be missed.

And let’s not forget that with this performance, comes a storied and revered musical catalog. Scored by Tony nominee Stephen Schwartz, classics like “Corner of the Sky,” “Magic To Do,” “Glory,” “No Time at All,” “Morning Glow,” and “Love Song,” are all part of the repertoire.

Pippin 2PIPPIN is directed by Tony winner Diane Paulus, stunning choreography is provided by Tony Award nominee Chet Walker in the style of Bob Fosse. And we can’t forget the amazing acrobatics and circus montage created by Gypsy Snider of the Montreal-based circus company, Les 7 doigts de la main.

PIPPIN is a production courtesy of  the PNC Broadway Across America-Pittsburgh series, and is presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Symphony and Broadway Across America.

We’re fortunate to live in one of the best theater cities in the world, with the privilege to take part in the magnificent culture and talent from across the globe brought to us by the dedicated team at the The Cultural Trust. So, from one theater nerd to another, thanks ladies and gents.

PIPPIN runs from January 20-25, visit The Cultural Trust website for tickets or call the box office at (412) 456-4800.


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