Down and Durty

Bob Freyer Durty Art (7)Bob Freyer a.k.a. Durty, is a spray paint artist based in the Plum area of Pittsburgh. As I ventured into his home to check out some of his works, I was greeted by two excitable dogs.

I like dogs.

One jumped on me (a boxer), the other (a shar pei mix) just barked, bellowing a loud tone of disapproval as I descended on his domain. After we exchange pleasantries, the barking ceased, and I’m pretty sure he thought I was the coolest human in the world.

As we walked downstairs into Freyer’s temporary workspace, my first impression was that of a post-apocalyptic bunker. Spray paint cans strewn about, haunting images of people and monkeys, and gas masks hanging across the wall. Although the “I am Legend”motif is pretty cozy, it won’t last long. Freyer is steps away from finishing a new studio space in his garage.

This is Freyer’s happy place, a visceral catharsis of proportional magnitude, helping him cope with the struggles of Bob Freyer Durty Art (20)life, and giving him a sense of peace amongst the chaos.

“My art is kind of dark, because I’ve been through a lot in my life, especially with the death of my father. It’s been extremely hard to deal with, and this is the only thing that helps. I can put my hands to it and express myself,” said Freyer.

The darkness is what initially lured me into Freyer’s work. His morose undertones and rigid subject matter in combination with the softness of spray paint makes such an eclectic and enlightening piece of work. So much that you’re forced to take a minute and stare off into the distance. It’s almost unnerving.

They seemed to stare back at me, forcing poignant exploration into the depths of my knowledge and understanding.

And while some might say, “He’s just spray painting.” Think again.

Not only does it it take hours and hours of cutting, layering, and spraying his pieces, the thought behind each work is equally as triggering.

Bob Freyer Durty Art (2)Freyer’s love of the hip-hop and rap culture have fueled his urbanized style, and his philosophy on life has translated into his destruction of social anarchy through each one of his paintings.

His strong desire to promote human understanding through his art lays a path of relevance and responsibility for young artists coming up in today’s volatile structure.

Freyer has completed several large-scale pieces, one of which was on the side of The Plum Convenience Store. The message, echoing from a Dr. Seuss wearing a gas mask is simply, “Beauty is in Everyone”.

And that, my friends, is how you get Durty. Visit him on Facebook and Instagram.






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