Ballet Du Grande Theater De Geneve

The Ballet Du Grande Theater De Geneve made its mark on Pittsburgh as their uber successful show played at The Byham Theater to a packed house of adoring fans.

The show highlights a disjointed synergy between the dancers and the demons they portray to battle. It was a fantasy of good riddled with remnants of evil. God and Satan, life and death, the grand scheme of relative comfort versus profound torture. The soul of the restless and the triumph of good.

Ballet Du Grande is a captivating and powerful performance that offers up a very surreal journey down the road to redemption.

Act I, “Lux”, choreographed by Ken Ossola, was a celebration of light and life. Dancers extracted a fluidity of emotions and placed focus on perfection of transitions. From oceanic myriads of sensitivity, to soft and subtle motions of muted grandeur, the movements were deliberate in the most fantastic way, all the while being complemented by Faure’s “Requiem.”

Intermission is always a great experience for me. It’s so entertaining to see a guy in a suit buying a box of DOTS and a can of soda. That guy was me, but there were others, I assure you. It’s a very diverse and eclectic crowd, all there to collectively share the enormous talents of the performers. Give me that crowd any day over the club bots that litter social media with selfies and drunken pictures of “sophisticated” debauchery.

Act II, “Glory”, directed by Andonis Foniadakis, was a much more visceral experience, with magnificent flow and palpable tension. Everything in Glory was a movement between dark and light; the primal celebration of the transient struggle in us all.

It in many ways was gut-wrenching and uplifting in the same hand, as each dancer conveyed a spirit of torture and greatness. Handel’s score is driven by the poetically tragic movements of the artists, leaving everything and nothing up to interpretation.

Glory is an emotional journey with a superb balance of contemporary and classical dance, giving the audience a sense of excitement, danger, sorrow, and ultimately, joy.

Set design and lighting was minimalistic, yet dramatic, providing an engaging atmosphere that peaks the senses and outwardly triggers an attraction to the storyline.

Overall, Ballet Du Grande Theater De Geneve was a stellar performance with laser beam execution that offered a raw emotional connection to the audience. Tres Magnifique.

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