The Handstand Diaries

10929212_10153550908458642_8973693344410489505_nWorld, meet Katie…Katie, meet the world. Well, at least a few hundred thousand of them. Katie does handstands in various locations around the US, and abroad. Why, you ask? Because she’s somewhat of an adventurer, taking pleasure in the joy of uncovering new and exciting places.

She spends her money on airplane tickets and road trip food. She backpacks, camps, and maneuvers her way through the contours, climates, and conundrums of traveling bliss.

A former gymnast, and currently an elementary school teacher, Katie represents a dying breed of female empowerment. She places her focus on growth, culture, and substance, in lieu of copious amounts of selfies and reality television. Her framing of life simply preaches to the fact that young women can concentrate on internal growth without the pressure of living up to the society’s bubblegum standards of what a woman should and shouldn’t be.

Katie saves and plans and saves more to make her dreams of globetrotting quite the reality. To date, she’s been to 22 locations spanning 19 states and 2 countries. Needless to say, we wanted to live vicariously through her wandering.

And so, with Katie’s blessing, The Pittsburgh Collective has permission to professionally stalk her through all of her geographic exploits. Over the next few weeks, and months, Katie will share her adventures, along with an accompanying handstand in each location.

She likes handstands. And so do we.

We’ll also be launching a reader’s choice Super Terrific Traveling Handstands of Awesomeness Fund, in where users can donate to send Katie to a weird and fantastic place once a year….For our entertainment of course. Reader’s will also contribute suggestions to Katie’s handstand locations (The more awkward, the better).

For every dollar donated, The Pittsburgh Collective will match.

Stay tuned for Katie’s first travel log, and keep it locked on TPC for the best and brightest talent, culture, and the world’s largest gathering of pastry enthusiasts.





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