The Cultural Trust’s Gallery Crawl

This past weekend The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust put on yet another successful gallery crawl for the residents of Pittsburgh. Perfect fall weather put a twinge of excitement in the air, and the people in the streets were excited to see what was in store for them.

This was the Trust’s 10th year putting on the crawl.

AIA’s design exhibition did not disappoint, as they showcased some of the most accomplished architects and their creations, millions of tons of steel, stone, glass and imagination. From the modern sterility of the offices at PNC Bank, to the rustic elegance of the Sundai Lodge at Nemicolon, the images show us what unbridled creativity can truly accomplish.

One of my favorite exhibitions of the evening was “Wordplay”, a beautiful marriage of narrative and music. It was like watching live television. Probably one of the most dynamic performances that I’ve seen in that genre of art.

Visually, there were no more stimulating exhibits than the Second/Second installation from Finnbogi Petursson, Iceland’s master of sound. After trekking up 4 or so flights of stairs, I entered a room , jam-packed with people staring at a floor. Naturally, I started staring at the floor too, and what I saw was magnificent.

It was the complete articulation of sound, reverberating waves with an ominous tone creeping out from the subwoofers on the floor.

Other exhibits included Paul Rosenblatt’s Well Played, a collection of vinyl records that can be siffed through and played by participants. A truly interactive exhibit that really seemed to strike a nostalgic string within the community.

The evening topped off with a performance by the French duo, Les Nubians. Sisters Celia and Helene Fassaurt started a new genre of music that they call “Afropean”, highlighting cultural awareness not only in their native France, but also America.

Overall the crawl went off without a hitch. We’re looking forward to next year.

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